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Back In Time for Tea is a concept imagined, funded and created by Gavin McAdam delivered as a quartet of classically trained musicians he has brought together to perform live renditions of house music. Together this quartet of actively performing classical musicians, which includes a soprano, pianist, double bassist and saxophonist are Back In Time for Tea and deliver a set that will be supported by drums which also includes featured tracks introducing other instruments performed by musical students.

They aim to create the music for and promote a series of events from August 2023 in Edinburgh and beyond with the first of the venues confirmed as being held in the Johnny Walker experience in their Label studio. The events will take the form of live music played by classically trained musicians delivering a reimagined rendition of classic piano house tracks. The enterprise is expected to be standalone and self-supporting with revenues being generated through ticket and music sales; it may be possible that some of the music is professionally produced at an appropriate time in the future. The enterprise has aligned itself with the Doddie Weir Foundation and MND Scotland  and aims to raise awareness of what they are doing and to support them financially through % sales gifting, merchandise sales, prize draws, sponsorship and donations.

The ideal attendance is between 200-300, for the first event, scaling and frequency of subsequent events will be reviewed after the first one has been delivered. It is anticipated that the first event will take place early in August 2023.

The format of the events will be that of a relaxed, fun yet sophisticated nature held in an afternoon from 3 through till approx. 8pm “back In time for tea”, a lights on with the opportunity to dance if the feeling so takes you. The target audience is 30-50 something, people who have an appreciation of the classic house piano music genre and those just like good live music done well and it is not in a disco or rave format.


Fulfilling a personal longstanding ambition Gavin McAdam as promotor, producer and director of this project to align with current trends in classical versions of music of this genre that will resonate with a  a very local audience who had exposure to early house music; and a wider market.

Align the production with emerging trends for this age group and maturing tastes for entertainment.

Do something good in the world and help a local (Scottish) charity, encourage and promote the music and arts sector in Scotland – have fun doing something you love.

The Music

The intended set will comprise some 30 tracks all interpreted and rearranged to provide a new composition of familiar music with a twist. We intend to challenge the notion of musical genre and have already created a classical composition of Robert Mile’s children and a dance version of a Beethoven classic piece – the point being challenging concepts on music genre, good music when done well can cross all genres and appeal to all. The whole set features a collection of fully rewritten, composed and rearranged house classicals, each with their own unique take on the original.

We are confident that some of the newly composed tracks will be of such quality that professional studio time will be the natural progression.

Who is involved?

Gavin McAdam founder, director and director the project, he has selected the tracks that will be covered and creates a production directive to inform the interpretation of the tracks through to composition and arrangement and final sound.

A core team of 5 members are at the heart of Back In Time For Tea, with other periphery people influencing and contributing to the track composition and wider music influence.

  • Gregor Blamey pianist, composer and band member performing at the live sets
  • Laurie Moore Double bassist composer and band member performing at the live sets
  • Fiona Mackenzie vocalist, lyricist and band member performing at the live sets
  • Tom Brogan saxophonist, who has over 20 years’ experience as a live performer across a wide range of musical genres. The band is supported by featured instruments and drums.

Doing Some Good In The World

One of Gavin’s key objectives is to do some good in the world for good causes, promote the arts sector in Scotland, give young people opportunity and is striving to align key brands and community for the benefit of all.

He has forged relationships with prominent musicians and has reached out to lecturers at Edinburgh’s prestigious music academy to give young students the chance to gain real experience of exciting and challenging projects such as this. The experience offered is open to students of all capabilities and at any stage of their studies to gain knowledge, work alongside prominent professional in their respective fields across the whole lifecycle of this project – from composition, arrangement, event planning and contributing to / playing musical parts on featured tracks or simply observing and attending rehearsals. He continues to work tirelessly to expand the reach of this opportunity and hopes that it can become something extended across Scotland with aspirations for these events to played at venues throughout Scotland. 

Partnering and longer term

Gavin has established the organisation as a recognized fund raiser for the MyName’5 Doddie foundation – which is gaining support from local business and the great work they are doing.

The first of the venues is planned on the 5th of August in the new purpose built label studio at the Johnny Walker experience, discussions with the global brand/ marketing and sales team within the Johnny walker team has been opened, Gavin hopes this will lead longer term partnership opportunities to support what they doing and create interest to a wider audience, it is however early days Gavin is confident that when they demonstrate the credibility and quality of what they are doing further dialogue might open with the Diageo group. 

Early engagement with key lecturers at Edinburgh’s music academy has seen involvement from one of their students to date, he hopes to offer this and more to similar organisations and students.

Warm up sessions have been agreed to do mini live gigs within the bar at the Sheraton hotel on Lothian road in Edinburgh and others to follow…a potential regular session.

Finance and funding

The project is currently funded by Gavin, the project aims to be self sufficient and stand on its own two feet financially after a number of gigs through the sale of tickets and music – however, the level of investment remains a challenge and he is actively seeking funding sources and alignment with like minded organsiations to establish new smart partnering associations, with these kind of initiatives  Gavin hopes to grow the enterprise and support other musicians and expand.